28. A CSA Victory*

For want of the realignment of an otherwise unused division, Lee could possibly have out-thought and out-maneuvered the Army of the Potomac.

Could it truly have been this easy? Could the simple deployment of his only available (reserve) division have resulted in an even more successful end to Day 1? Could thousands of lives have been saved, the war ended in July 1863 and the course of world history have been changed all by that one simple action?

The repercussions of a CSA victory are profound. Lincoln most likely would not have been assassinated in 1865. The ‘continental’ USA would very likely have split into 3-4 separate nations within the next few decades. (see Section 30j)

Would there ever have been a hope of an eventual reconciliation and unification? Unlike most divided nations that developed in future years (Korea and Vietnam are the prime examples), the reason would have been more economic than political ideology (communism). Even if one accepts that the concept of State’s Rights and not slavery in and of itself was the underlying ideology that split the country in 1861, it was the pure economic engine of slavery that drove this wedge deep.

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