33. other on-line sites

I’m not sure which there are more of: books on this battle or on-line videos and stories. A simple GOOGLE search will find many. The quality of the information and presentation vary greatly.

On YOUTUBE, two sources that are very well presented are the AMERICAN BATTLEFIELD TRUST and that of the Nat’l Park Service: GETTYSBURGNPS. Many of these latter are in-depth tours of places on the field as conducted daily by National Park Service guides. Go here for starters:

Once again, as a visual learner myself, I find videos like this to be very helpful. This is one of the best:

Follow the YOUTUBE suggestions to find more of the same there are hundreds to be found.

Of course, there is the epic (4 hour long) movie dramatization of Shaara’s book KILLER ANGELS.

[One source of this movie is FLIXHQ.net]



Jack KUNKEL has produced a series of YOUTUBE videos to illustrate his book:

This site is heavy on the myriads of monuments that mark the battlefield, but has a lot of other explanatory and interesting tidbit of information:


MAY 2023 Update:

Throughout this site I have added YOUTUBE videos from what I would deem authoritative sources like the US ARMY WAR COLLEGE or the Rangers of the Nat’l Park Service. I hope they enhance the readers understanding of and appreciation for this epic event.

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